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The PRSA International Conference is always a superb event, filled with professional development, networking, keynote speeches, and a lot of fun! 




Oregon PRSA Chapter’s Spotlight Awards: Oct. 20    Where do great PR campaigns originate? Here in Oregon the answer is likely from  hanging out in your favorite coffee shop or a taking a walk in the forest – suddenly the light goes on inside your head and that terrific creative idea pops up! We’re celebrating those bright ideas, their execution, and the PR professionals behind them — on the evening of October 20.  Join us for what surely will be a magical evening.

  1. Be inspired: get a behind-the-scenes look at the best PR campaigns in Oregon.
  2. Open your horizons: Deepen and expand your personal network – who knows where that may lead?
  3. Relax and enjoy: celebrate with your PRSA tribe.

The premiere event for PRSA-Oregon takes place this year at the picturesque Willamette Valley Country Club in Canby, Oregon. Reconnect with old friends and meet new friends as PR professionals from Portland, Eugene and Salem regions are gathering for the first time as one chapter.  Join us to celebrate some of our best work last year.  Networking begins at 5:30 p.m. Dinner is served at 6:30 p.m.

September, 2017: Our new pubic relations Career Guide has been officially copyrighted, and will be published soon! We’ll put a copy of it here on the site as soon as we can. Our local Portland Metro Chapter of PRSA (now the Oregon Chapter of PRSA) originally tasked me with writing the Career Guide three years ago.  Co-writer, editor and researcher Aaron Sewall provided enormous help, and we’re both proud of our efforts. Our national advisory team has been fantastic!

 August, 2017: The Montana Chapter of PRSA is alive and well, and is about to reboot with a strong board and great professionals in the group. I had the privilege of taking a long driving tour around Montana this summer to help rejuvenate the chapter, which I’d originally founded in 1996. I am so impressed with the great pros there, who are far more experienced and educated than I ever was back in the day. I’ve rejoined the chapter to serve as APR Chair, and look forward to the announcement at our International Conference in Boston that Montana is back online and doing great!


December, 2015: Want a guaranteed way to attract fish?   Do you fish in lakes and streams? If you’re after freshwater fish, let me fill you in on a great secret: the Line Light Fishing Lure attracts fish like nobody’s business.  This little 2.5-gram, battery-operated LED light strings anywhere you want on your fishing line, goes down to a depth of 300 feet without any compression, comes in red, green and white colors, and can be used on any species of freshwater fish. Oh, and one more thing: the battery lasts for 150 hours. Wow!

Line light photo
Three lighted line lights.

Check out the videos at for great information and demonstrations on using Line Lights.




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