Mission Statement

Public relations is about two-way relationships – building them, maintaining them, growing them. At the heart of public relations is the ability for a corporation, an individual, a non-profit, a government agency, or a small business to listen and develop trusting, mutually beneficial, two-way relationships with those publics important to its success. Listening, research, planning, implementing a program, evaluating results – these are just a few steps in the process of creating excellence in public relations. The mission of AdScripts is to help increase understanding and communication; strengthen the dialog between an organization and its customers or clients, vendors, regulators, and the media; and provide excellence in public relations programs and recommendations.

Marketing is about moving a product to market and making sure that value is provided to the customer as well as received from the customer. In today’s world, marketing and public relations intersect on the social media playing field. Here, stronger relationships with customers are possible, and companies are able to tell their stories with greater authenticity.

Our pledge is to give our customers the highest possible degree of integrity and professional service, based upon a sound knowledge of their professional field and their communications needs, and our 30 years of experience, education and continued training, and long-term involvement with the Public Relations Society of America.