A Sampling of Previous Clients

A (very) small sampling of AdScripts’ past and current clients includes: 

Your local forest & paper people035American Forest & Paper Association  – Washington, D.C. via The Hawthorn Group – Arlington, VA: timber industry PR campaign for Western Montana

The Environmental Company (Santa Barbara, CA) on behalf of the Montana Air National Guard, U.S. Air – Great Falls, MT: public communications portion of Environmental Impact Statement regarding a proposed air-to-ground training range

Print   Back Country Horsemen of America  – Graham, WA: strategic planning of outreach program with the national group


La Cense horsesLa Cense Montana – Dillon, MT: promotion and media relations for this 88,000-acre Quarter Horse ranch, specializing in natural horsemanship.


Enlarged logo with TMLine Light Fishing – Spokane, WA: social media campaign, videos for lighted fishing lures;  salt water or fresh, 150-hour battery, goes to depth of 300 ft., comes with green, white and red LED bulbs, attaches anywhere on your fishing line.


Color logo for blogPit Stop U.S.A. – Eugene and Springfield, OR.full-service advertising and public relations 2-shop quick lube, for over two decades


Opening Day ICF Caras ParkInternational Choral Festival – Missoula, MT: local, regional, national, international outreach for choral festivals; fundraising, grant writing, publicity, advertising for four festivals over a 10-year period.



Cam Redevelopment Corporation – Hot Springs, MT: researched, developed plan and recommendations concerning community wish to revive hot springs resort on Flathead Indian Reservation.

Dr. Jesse Cole, Radiologist – Butte, MTdeveloped public relations program to fight economic credentialing at local hospital and to strengthen Dr. Cole’s reputation.

globe edited

Representatives from the following firms, among others,  have attended our training workshops:    

  • MT. Department of State Lands
  • Borden Chemical
  • Ribi ImmunoChem Research, Inc.
  • Montana Rail Link
  • Montana Wilderness Association
  • City of Missoula
  • Montana Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
  • American Red Cross
  • Montana Law Enforcement Academy
  • Northwestern Energy

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