What we’re really excited about!

April, 2016: We’re almost done with the final drafts of the new pubic relations Career Guide. Our local Portland Metro Chapter of PRSA originally tasked Kathy Hubbell with writing the Career Guide last year; since then, the project has expanded to our district and national levels. Co-writer, editor and researcher Aaron Sewall has provided enormous help, and we’re both proud of our efforts. Our national advisory team has been fantastic! We’ll post a link to the Career Guide here as soon as it’s publicly available.

December, 2015: Want a guaranteed way to attract fish?   Do you fish in lakes and streams? If you’re after freshwater fish, let me fill you in on a great secret: the Line Light Fishing Lure attracts fish like nobody’s business.  This little 2.5-gram, battery-operated LED light strings anywhere you want on your fishing line, goes down to a depth of 300 feet without any compression, comes in red, green and white colors, and can be used on any species of freshwater fish. Oh, and one more thing: the battery lasts for 150 hours. Wow!

Line light photo
Three lighted line lights.

Check out the videos at Linelightfishing.com/tips-tricks/ for great information and demonstrations on using Line Lights.

I’m really excited to be starting work on social media marketing for the Line Lights, and on some public relations efforts. A great, innovative product that will bring a lot of fishing success to those who use it!

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